The Death of Travel Writing

With every travel blog of modern-day “nomads”, the world becomes smaller and flatter. Ultimately, travel blogging is where travel writing goes to die.

How to speak Russian: the essentials

On my recent car-pooling trip between Belarus and Russia and some time spent in rural parts of both countries, I realised that my Russian vocabulary is in need of immediate upgrade, otherwise I will no longer understand the speech of ordinary countryfolk. If you embarked on uneasy task of learning Russian, it is perhaps because…

Faroe islands and the Aesthetics of Darkness

Of all shades on the cold side of the spectre, Faroe islands prefer gray. Foggy gray clouds descending into the valley, creamy gray mist rising from the hills, steamy gray snakes of smoke streaming from chimneys, azure gray rocky coastline, greenish gray curvy mountain pastures, dark gray roads after the rain, silvery gray ocean at sunset.

A Story of One Refugee

Our historical memory is ridiculously short. Humanity has an attention span of a stoner (short-term 5-second memory): just two generations ago, our grandparents were growing in times of war, with bombs flying over their houses and families going missing.

Rafting in Iceland

Up the heavens cold and steep; Turn when dawn comes over land, Over rapid, over sand, South away! and South away! Seek the sunlight and the day The entire barrel scene from second part of ’The Hobbit’ was CGI, and it is kind of disappointing – mainly for the actors, I gather. Imagine watching yourself…

Sámi art at Juhls Silver Gallery, Kautokeino

Shimmering crystals of ice that grow from the rooftop are molded into silver earrings, mossy twigs from the forest are turned into twisting silver necklaces, and the dim circle of winter sun splits into dozens of droplets of traditional Sámi brooches.