The Overlords of Istanbul

I have noticed long ago (thanks, WordPress Stats) that a disturbing amount of people gets referred to my blog by search engines (presumably Google). Well this would not be a disturbing thing if the keywords they were searching for weren’t ’Somali girls fucking’, ‘Burmese girl big ass’ or ‘where to find sex in Nairobi’. I was puzzled at first, mostly thinking: ‘Go home, Google, you are drunk! How can these keywords possibly lead anyone to my blog?’ But then I figured that although this page certainly doesn’t not qualify as a porn site, I do get a fair amount of traffic from strange people (I am watching you!) who hope to find Somali lesbian sex advertised online.

The concentration of porn site terminology in this particular post might actually increase the amount of wanking teenagers or old colonial-style sugar daddies in Africa visiting my blog, and I do hope they enjoy a paragraph or two about social issues around the world.

However, I came up with another trick to make my blog more visible to the world wide web.

What does the Internet like more than porn?

Yes, you guessed it right.


I hereby present to you the ever-growing photo collection of the real race that rules Istanbul. Cats. They are sneaky. They jump at your face from garbage containers. They manipulate you into petting them and leave you with a family of fleas.

This is one of the main reasons to love this city. Cats have been essential part of Istanbul’s life for ages, and somehow people here learned to treat them as equals. I have seen fish vendors shooing cats away from their stalls, but mostly they give them a fish or two and let them hang around. I’ve seen children run after cats, but never witnessed little brats hurt an animal. I am sure it happens, but not as frequently as in other countries. In Istanbul, practically every house in the neighbourhood has a gang of cats assigned to it, and the residents make shelters out of boxes, feed the furry bastards and take care of the kittens, sometimes trying to distribute them to caring families through social media. Lack of proper legislation concerning stray animals in Turkey is compensated fully by the humane treatment animals generally get from humans. I wonder how this trait develops in a society: in some countries people just miraculously realise that hurting living beings is a sign of utter douchebaggery.

My friend T., for instance, scores more on a crazy cat lady scale than I do. I just buy cat food to feed random kittens I meet through the city. T. cooks proper ‘kitty stew’ at home, out of meat leftovers, rice and beans, and goes on ‘cat lady expeditions’ through the neighbourhood to feed the hungry fluffs. The cat society in any neighbourhood is as hierarchical as it gets: there are ‘fat corporate cats’ who scare off the middle class cats and poor inexperienced kittens and eat their food be it scavenged from the garbage or donated by humans.

More on the cat society later, and for now please enjoy a whole collection of cat pictures from Istanbul (to be updated).


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  1. Ana Stroe says:

    good to see someone else has a post on cats of Istanbul. Beautiful pictures!

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