From Syria to Poland: across the land and sea

I left too much and nothing at the same time. By “too much”, I mean almost all of my material possessions (except my laptop and some pieces of clothing), all the things and places I was attached to. By “nothing”, I mean that somehow I could detach myself from the things and places I loved.

A Story of One Refugee

Our historical memory is ridiculously short. Humanity has an attention span of a stoner (short-term 5-second memory): just two generations ago, our grandparents were growing in times of war, with bombs flying over their houses and families going missing.

Into the Borderlands: Between Baklava and ISIS

’Suruç, Suruç, I went to Suruç the other day’, I told the couple that happened to pick me up on the way from Göbekli Tepe to Urfa. Göbekli Tepe is the newly discovered archeological site and possibly the oldest temple on our planet, dating back to an ancient Neolithic civilization of 9,000-10,000 BC. Suruç, on the other hand,…

Echoes of war and chickens in Sri Lanka

Up until recently Sri Lanka was not the most popular tourist destination because of the war that had started in the North back in the 80s and only ended in 2009. In fact, even now the echoes of that war roam the streets of northern towns and islands, where you pass through checkpoints and see…