The Death of Travel Writing

With every travel blog of modern-day “nomads”, the world becomes smaller and flatter. Ultimately, travel blogging is where travel writing goes to die.

From Syria to Poland: across the land and sea

I left too much and nothing at the same time. By “too much”, I mean almost all of my material possessions (except my laptop and some pieces of clothing), all the things and places I was attached to. By “nothing”, I mean that somehow I could detach myself from the things and places I loved.

Photoessay: why you have to visit Pakistan

After the blog about travelling on a third world passport I got a lot of interesting feedback from people who try exploring the world on passports from Iran, Pakistan, and African countries. One of the most discouraging stories came from my good friend whom I met in Islamabad. It is bad enough to have a…

Let’s Talk About Nepal

Earthquake is something we can possibly predict but can hardly avoid. It is a force of omnipotent nature, and there is nothing we can possibly put against it but prayers to some ancient gods. But it is in our power to deal with the aftermath of this tragedy, and the consequences of a natural disaster will echo though the country for many years to come.

Back to the Roots – Inside the Sweden’s Tree Hotel

Britta Lindvall recalls her first childhood memory – she is crossing a small river, walking through the forest, along with her siblings and their friends. They stumble upon a tree house, high up among the branches, and it seems even higher from the little girl’s point of view. ‘I remember everything from that particular moment:…