Sámi art at Juhls Silver Gallery, Kautokeino

Shimmering crystals of ice that grow from the rooftop are molded into silver earrings, mossy twigs from the forest are turned into twisting silver necklaces, and the dim circle of winter sun splits into dozens of droplets of traditional Sámi brooches.

A Story of one Green Mill: El Molí Verd

One might call it a cave, others say – ‘underground chambers’. Around 500 euro and 5 months of digging – that’s what it takes to get yourself a habitable cave these days.

Eco Capsules and Futuro Houses

Everyone is sharing this new hi-tech craze about the eco-capsule, developed by a group of engineers and designers from Slovakia. Fair enough, this thing looks pretty neat and cosy, I imagine one would feel like a chicken in the egg inside one of those. The eco capsule is a wet dream of any modern solar-and-wind-powered…

Back to the Roots – Inside the Sweden’s Tree Hotel

Britta Lindvall recalls her first childhood memory – she is crossing a small river, walking through the forest, along with her siblings and their friends. They stumble upon a tree house, high up among the branches, and it seems even higher from the little girl’s point of view. ‘I remember everything from that particular moment:…