Sámi art at Juhls Silver Gallery, Kautokeino

Shimmering crystals of ice that grow from the rooftop are molded into silver earrings, mossy twigs from the forest are turned into twisting silver necklaces, and the dim circle of winter sun splits into dozens of droplets of traditional Sámi brooches.

Art Lessons From the Land of a Thousand Hills

What’s bizarre, peculiar and fantastic about East African art, is the way traditional motifs are intertwined with absolutely modernist approach, folkloric patterns are sewn into the fabric of surrealism and imagination of the artists, and many installation are created with the recycled materials. All this is even more surprising if you consider that almost none of the members of the art community ever attended a formal art school – simply because those are non-existent in Kigali.

Milking goats in the hidden valley – the Wakhi trails of Pakistan

I was ready to leave. My last three weeks in Pakistan, on the Karakorum highway, were filled with mixed feelings. Travelling here was not easy, and being a single female traveller was not the main issue at all. In fact, most of the local communities belong to the Ismaili sect of Islam, the most liberal…