Purr me a coffee

While I am gathering my brains and photos to tell you everything you need to know about Burma… let’s check out some cats. What else do you check on the internet, anyway?

My CS host (for the 3rd time) Neko (meow) and I went to play with cats because that’s what we want to do in life but we’re too poor and/or homeless to get ourselves our own cats.

Purr Cat Café is one of many branches of Cat cafés around Bangkok. Originated in Japan, where cats are a bit overly idolised, this chain of coffee shops has spread all around Asia… confirming one more time that Europe is extremely undeveloped in many important aspects, including cat culture.

Come in, order your coffee and cat-shaped biscuits – and choose yourself a furry bastard to pet. In fact, I think, it works the other way round, because of the cat nature: they own the café and they choose which client they want to play with.

Sometimes they climb up to their Master balcony to observe how their human kitchen slaves prepare the meals and drinks. Sometimes they stroll around to check on how well the guests clean up their plates. Sometimes they stretch right in the middle of the room and ask for a nice belly rub.

So the day passes by: you and your coffee, you and your cakes, you and cats that own you.

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