How to go sailing on backpacker budget

Crewing on a boat will allow you to learn some seafaring skills from scratch, meet new people and have a great vacation. Just imagine the blue sea, starry sky – and zero mosquitos. But why would boat owners look for an amateur crew and allow inexperienced strangers into their floating home anyway?

A Story of one Green Mill: El Molí Verd

One might call it a cave, others say – ‘underground chambers’. Around 500 euro and 5 months of digging – that’s what it takes to get yourself a habitable cave these days.

Eco Capsules and Futuro Houses

Everyone is sharing this new hi-tech craze about the eco-capsule, developed by a group of engineers and designers from Slovakia. Fair enough, this thing looks pretty neat and cosy, I imagine one would feel like a chicken in the egg inside one of those. The eco capsule is a wet dream of any modern solar-and-wind-powered…

Photoessay: why you have to visit Pakistan

After the blog about travelling on a third world passport I got a lot of interesting feedback from people who try exploring the world on passports from Iran, Pakistan, and African countries. One of the most discouraging stories came from my good friend whom I met in Islamabad. It is bad enough to have a…

Travel soundtrack: Music findings from around the world

Every country has their amazing (more or less) music scene, influenced both by traditional melodies and international trends. Also, there is a lot of music bands that do not perform in English (the language we all understand), but still sound fabulous, however little you understand from the lyrics. Let me share with you some great…